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If My Heart Were A Camera I'd Shoot True Love

A battle-weary photojournalist returns from a war zone.  She's lost the man she loved, but holds on to her last photograph of him.  Her work is gold - but she says she'll never take another photograph.  The political machinations of a publishing empire, the 'rules of engagement', whether military, professional, or personal; and themes of love, loss and mechanical memory are explored in this new play by Dan Horrigan.

Embrace my photography and you embrace the madness of the world with pity. You could call this pity love. It is the strongest type of love. It faces the void and refuses to be destroyed by it. That is why if my heart were a camera I would shoot true love.

Excerpts from If My Heart Were A Camera were included in the
Open Secret Special on London's Resonance FM, and in the
Open Secret presentations of Future Shots and Once Was Home in
summer 2006. Sequences from the play were presented in February 2006
as part of The Cockpit Theatre's Theatre in the Pound.

Full-length rehearsed readings of the play were presented at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, London, on June 13th and 14th, 2006.

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