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Below is a short history of Secret Centre Theatre and the Open Secret season.  Use the links below to browse this site, or use the quick-reference sitemap HERE if you're looking for something specific.

Open Secret Season
- a history

Seizing the opportunity to rent a London theatre for a month, Open Secret was conceived as an eclectic combination of classical drama, new writing, and other performance events, as a unified 'season' of work in London in August and September 2006.

Produced by Tod Higginson (mixed-media practitioner and former technical director of subVERSE) and Dan Horrigan (playwright and director with several London credits), Open Secret presented a full length play, three audio podcasts, a new one-act drama, collections of short dramatic pieces, a rock gig, and a drama workshop. 

With 33 hours of performance across 26 days, the season attempted to create innovative, entertaining and thought provoking work, while providing the chance for some 30 young actors to experiment with new and unfamiliar techniques, aimed at producing quality work in a short period of time.

Working with digital audio and high definition video, all the work presented in the season was documented for possible future development and exposure.

Building on past collaborations - subVERSE, Orestes, and The Broken Heart - and aiming towards future theatrical and mixed media work, including radio work and digital features, a programme of events was planned that would showcase text, technique, and performance.  With
Tod lifting the Senecan-structured The Counterfeiters' Tragedy off the page, Dan leading the rehearsed readings and 'shorts' programmes, guest director Jacqui Honess-Martin helming the one-act Better Forget, and other contributors directing one-off pieces, a range of voices contributed to the Open Secret season. 

As always, the best-laid plans will often go astray, and sadly we lost a Goethe adaptation and a further programme of short work along the way; happily, though, the range of work that we were able to bring to life with little means more than compensated.

Open Secret served its purpose as a space for new ideas and sometime school-of-hard-knocks!  Look out for new work from Tod and Dan - on the net and on the stage.  Email
for occasional updates on our latest projects!

Related past projects:

The Open Secret Season grew out of the past video and theatre work of
Dan Horrigan and Tod Higginson.  Here are some of their past projects:

The Broken Heart
John Ford's classically set drama, written in 1633.  Directed by Dan Horrigan, and starring Counterfeiters cast members Richard Keightley and Bridget Collins.

written and directed by Dan Horrigan, and based on the Greek ur-myth.  With silent film video projections by Tod Higginson.  Premiered at London's
The Space in May 2005, and revived at The Lion and Unicorn in August 2005.  Two further parts of a trilogy are forthcoming.

Tod started his theatrical career as Technical Director for this monthly evening of political shorts.  Having played to capacity audiences at London's Theatre 503, and enjoyed five-star reviews at the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, subVERSE is currently on sabbatical, but you can find out more about past shows

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