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The Counterfeiters' Tragedy

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O thou false coin: until thy mettle's tested
Thou art worth what thou seem'st to be: but now,
I see thee as the painted counter thou art,
And thy value's nothing, nothing, nothing.

Jacobean blank verse and modern themes collide as 'Tis Pity She's A Whore meets Kill Bill in this witty, fast-paced and poetic drama written by a 'mystery' female playwright.

By turns passionate, violent, vibrant, and moving, The Counterfeiters' Tragedy is performed by a fantastic cast, and directed for Open Secret by first-time fringe director Tod Higginson, whose previous work as technical director has received five-star reviews in Edinburgh, and played to sold-out houses in London.

This thrilling Jacobean pastiche was presented by a cast of eleven in August and September 2006.  Murder, revenge, power, lust and self-destruction are the order of the day in 17th Century Italy.

Counterfeiters Characters
The Counterfeiters Cast (left to right):
Daniel Field (Benetto); Richard Keightley (Stefano); Robert Carragher (Roberto); Hannah Richards (Lucia); Dillan Rankin (Pietro); Juliet Oldfield (Octavia);
Bruce Panday (Ferryman); Bridget Collins (Giovanna); Emily Chugg (Emilia); Lachlan McCall (Alessandro); Robin Laine (The Duke)

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