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The Counterfeiters' Tragedy

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- Cast of Characters -
The Duke (Robin Laine)

The Duke is a beloved and respected leader of men.  But can his battlefield experience save him from the machinations of his young wife?

Giovanna (Bridget Collins)

Rich and powerful, but helpless in the grip of passion... will she betray her husband and herself for love?

Stefano (Richard Keightley)

Stefano is a soldier, but never saw conflict like this... Can he make the right choice between love and vengeance?

Emilia (Emily Chugg)

Does Stefano's sister suspect more than she's telling?

Roberto (Robert Carragher)

A handsome courtier corrupted by avarice and envy... can he win the dukedom for himself?

Octavia (Juliet Oldfield)

Beautiful but deadly... to what lengths will the lady Octavia go for revenge?

Alessandro and Benetto (Lachlan McCall and Daniel Field)

Loyal to the last...

...but lethal when crossed...  Alessandro and Benetto will do anything for Stefano.  But has he underestimated how dangerous they can be?

Lucia (Hannah Richards)

Will Giovanna's lady's maid Lucia kill for her mistress?  And who's using who?

Pietro (Dillan Rankin)

Where do his loyalties really lie?

And what of the mysterious Ferryman (Bruce Panday)?

 Does his crossing lead to victory, or to Hell?

The Counterfeiters' Tragedy received its premiere production as part of the 2006 Open Secret season in London. 

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