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Orestes in the press:

Camden New Journal August 25th, 2005; review by Dean Matthewson

Dominic Kelly in the lead is a tour de force of facial expressions and nervous energy, strutting Napoeleon-esque about the stage in his black boots, a little man trying to step in to the shoes of his famous father.  [...]

Central to the play’s momentum is Patrick Ross’s performance as Erin, Orestes advisor [...]

complete article available HERE.

The Stage September 5th, 2005; article by Nuala Calvi

Dan Horrigan is a face to watch on the fringe theatre scene.

[W]ith his theatre company Secret Centre Theatre, he is staging a self-penned modern reworking of Orestes at The Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town. "[W]e’re trying to produce new work of contemporary relevance."

“The themes we’re exploring are conflict and violence and how people can go from being civilised, decent human beings to carrying out acts of cruelty and war.”

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